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About Us

Who Are We?
TrustLinea Aluminum & Glass Systems
Limited Company, we have developed and continue to develop ceiling and façade systems that can be used perfectly in all four seasons with our R&D studies. With aluminum and glass materials; We manufacture and market Bioclimatic Systems, Rolling Roof Systems, Pergola Systems, Fixed and Moving Glass Ceiling Systems, Guillotine Glass Systems, Sliding Glass Systems, Folding Glass Systems and Wind Breaker Systems within our own structure.

We are proud to be the company that achieves the highest level of customer satisfaction with our professional staff. With this pride, we are developing our customer portfolio day by day.
With its modern approach, Trust Linea meticulously implements the original designs of famous designers and architects.

TrustLinea Aluminum & Glass Systems Company transfers our experience to the ‘TrustLinea’ brand and provides services in domestic and international areas. Our company is founded on the principles of trust and quality. We accept any responsibility that may be experienced in our products and resolve them in the fastest way. We protect nature by preventing energy loss with the design of our products.

To produce new systems with modern design and modern technology by blending our architectural and engineering knowledge. To ensure that the systems produced are environmentally friendly structures with low energy consumption. As Trust Linea, to be the leading company in the ceiling and facade systems market with creative ideas as soon as possible.

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