MotionLinea Classy

Classy System is a trussed system consisting of aluminum panels. These systems offer shading, comfort and aesthetics in outdoor spaces, combining durability and functionality.
All panels move together and are gathered at the back. This creates a comfortable atmosphere with a modern look. The superior design of the system allows it to be used safely throughout the four seasons.
The system has no slope and is surrounded by streams on 4 sides (1% slope). The streams behind the panels carry water to the side streams and prevent the substances accumulated on the ceiling from falling inside.

The system is motorized and controlled by remote control with a single button. When open, it creates a space where you can enjoy the sun, while when closed it provides protection from rain or strong sunlight.
Extra heat and sound insulation can be provided by using polyurethane foam filling of the panels. The system can be equipped with products such as speakers, televisions, chandeliers or heaters if desired and can be used without safety concerns.
Our aluminum ceiling systems have an extremely robust structure and offer superior durability against harsh weather conditions. They also protect your spaces safely with their completely waterproof properties.
It can be enriched with different products such as guillotine, zip curtain, sliding glass door options. It also offers a visual aesthetic that suits your personal preferences with different color and pattern options.
Our aluminum ceiling system has a wide application area.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Profile Color: RAL Color Code
  • Panel Width: 286 MM.
  • Maximum System Width: 8 M.
  • Maximum System Span: 8 M.
  • Area Limitation 50 M²/system
  • Single Action: Folding and Retracting in one
  • Slope: 1% Recommended
  • Weight Approx: 40-47 KG/M²

Why Should We Prefer?

Sleek and Modern Design

The system’s scissor structure of aluminum panels allows all panels to move together and gather at the back for a modern look. This feature gives spaces a stylish and contemporary atmosphere.

Remote Control and LED Options

The system can be controlled by remote control and has various LED light options. This provides the user with an easy and customizable experience.

All-Season Use

The system’s superior design ensures safe use throughout the four seasons. The slope-free structure and the surrounding stream system ensure that water drains effectively, which ensures reliability with the system. Heat and Sound Insulation: The polyurethane foam filling of the panels provides extra heat and sound insulation. This allows users to spend time indoors in a more comfortable environment.

Various Hardware Options

The system can be equipped with additional products such as speakers, televisions, chandeliers or heaters if desired. This allows users to customize their system according to their needs and preferences.

Robustness and Durability

Aluminum ceiling systems provide excellent durability against harsh weather conditions. Their waterproof properties contribute to a long-lasting and trouble-free performance of the system.

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