ScreenLinea Verty

ScreenLinea Verty offers a contemporary design that combines outdoor spaces with elegance and practicality. These curtains are equipped with a vertical zip mechanism. This provides strong resistance against wind and other external factors. It also gives the user the ability to instantly change the mood of the space by giving the user the control to open and close on demand.
Its aesthetically striking design adds a modern touch to the space. Waterproof and sun-resistant fabric options provide long-lasting use and easy maintenance. With these features, Vertical Zip Curtain allows you to create an aesthetic atmosphere while protecting your outdoor spaces.

Where to Use:

  • Restaurant and Cafe Outdoor Areas: Provides customers with a comfortable outdoor experience.
  • Home Garden Terraces: Provides homeowners with a stylish and useful outdoor space.
  • Stylish Decoration in Commercial Areas: It offers an aesthetic appearance in areas such as store fronts and hotel terraces.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum and Fabric
  • Profile Color: RAL Color Code
  • Box Dimensions: 90-110-130 MM.
  • Maximum System Width: 6 M.
  • Maximum System Height: 6 M.
  • Area Limitation 18 M²/system
  • Single Movement: Opening and Closing
  • Weight Approx: 5-10 KG/M²

Why Should We Prefer?

Wind Resistance

The vertical zip mechanism ensures that the screen remains stable even in windy conditions, thus increasing durability.

Aesthetic Design

Its sleek and modern design adds an aesthetic touch to your outdoor space and blends in with your decoration with various color and pattern options.

Practical Use

The easy on and off feature allows the user to have a quick and practical control, you can instantly change the mood of the space.

Waterproof and Sun Resistant Fabrics

Special fabric options provide waterproofing and sun resistance, ensuring long-lasting use and easy maintenance.

Various Uses

Can be used in various outdoor areas such as restaurants, cafes, home garden terraces, commercial areas.

Space Flexibility

The fact that it can be opened and closed on demand provides flexibility to adapt the use of the space according to the seasons or different needs.

Weather Resistance

The strong material and zip mechanism make the Vertical Zip Curtain weather resistant.

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