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ScreenLinea Verty Since aesthetic appearance and practical use are at the forefront of outdoor spaces today, the Ceiling Zip Curtain is a solution that makes outdoor spaces more functional and visually appealing. This modern curtain system is characterized by a zip mechanism integrated into the ceilings and offers a number of advantages.
Ceiling zip curtains are systems that are motorized horizontally and are applied especially to block the sun. It is designed as a compact sun protection product for roofs such as glass ceilings and winter gardens. It is a product designed from high quality waterproof fabric especially used to control and break the sun. Horizontal zip curtains are functional and add comfort to the space.

Thanks to the design of the system, it can be mounted directly on the surface without any foot connection and thus light leakage can be prevented. In order to produce a system, a total of 28 different parts are machined from solid materials in CNC machines and no problems such as breakage etc. occur in any part.
It allows to control the climate of the space. It can be integrated into all systems with its simple and stylish design. It provides a unique harmony in spaces with special fabric and ral color alternatives.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum and Fabric
  • Profile Color: RAL Color Code
  • Box Dimensions: 130-140-160 MM.
  • Maximum System Width: 6 M.
  • Maximum System Height: 6 M.
  • Area Limitation 18 M²/system
  • Single Movement: Opening and Closing
  • Weight Approx: 8-12 KG/M²

Why Should We Prefer?

Aesthetic Design and Harmony

Ceiling Zip Curtain adapts to any outdoor decoration with its modern and stylish design. It adds a special touch to your space with different color and pattern options.

Practical Use

The zip mechanism allows the curtain to move smoothly. Its easy opening and closing feature offers the user a fast and practical control.

Weather Resistance

Durable materials and zip mechanism make the Ceiling Zip Curtain resistant to external factors such as wind, rain and sun. This ensures long-lasting use.

Concealed Installation

Ceiling Zip Curtain systems often feature concealed installation, which enhances the aesthetic appearance and makes it feel like an integrated part of the curtain system.

Special Fabric Options

Waterproof and sun-resistant specialty fabric options offer an ideal balance of both aesthetics and durability.

Remote and Automatic Control

Ceiling Zip Curtain systems can be controlled by remote control or automatic sensor. This provides more comfort and flexibility to the user.

Various Usage Areas

Many outdoor areas such as restaurants, cafes, hotel terraces, home garden terraces and commercial areas are ideal areas of use for Ceiling Zip Curtain systems.

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