SkyLinea Deluxe

SkyLinea Deluxe systems, which are indispensable elements of modern architectural designs, are systems where glass panels can be opened by gathering on top of each other. The systems can provide an opening in proportion to the number of panels in the opening direction.
Opening glass ceiling systems create a spacious environment by providing natural light to the interior spaces and offer an aesthetic appearance. It ensures that the sun’s rays are evenly distributed. Thus, since less artificial light is needed, it both saves energy and creates a healthy environment.

These systems provide a design in harmony with the environment, allowing nature to be incorporated into interiors and giving the space a more natural appearance. The entire ceiling can also provide ventilation by gathering on the rear fixed glass panels.
Consisting of high-strength aluminum profiles, the system is long-lasting and resistant to harsh weather conditions. Thanks to the properties of the glass used, it provides protection against UV and IR rays.
Opening glass ceiling systems are installed with a 15% slope and are completely waterproof. It can be enriched with different options such as guillotine glass, zip curtain, accordion glass door or sliding glass options. Shading can be done at any time with options such as ceiling zip curtains.

Technical Specifications

  • Material : Aluminum – Glass
  • Profile Color : RAL Color
  • Glass: 4+4 Laminated + 10 MM. Hollow + 6 MM. Tempered
  • Glass Specifications: 6244 Low-E Solar Controlled
  • Glass Partition Width: 150 CM.
  • Glass Partition Opening: 150 CM.
  • Max. System Width : 10 M.
  • Max. System Clearance : 10 M.
  • Area Limitation 50 M²/system
  • Slope: 15% Highly Recommended
    Approximate weight: 48-52 KG/M²

Why Should We Prefer?

Modern Design and Versatile Use

Retractable glass ceiling systems stand out with their modern design and versatile use. These systems allow nature to be incorporated into interiors, offering a design in harmony with the environment and giving the space a more natural appearance.

Durability and Functionality

Manufactured from high quality aluminum profiles and glass. This ensures durability and long-lasting use. It is also resistant to external factors.

Customizable and Adaptable

The system can be adapted and customized in any size and shape. This feature ensures a perfect fit for every project.

Adaptability to Climate Conditions

Low-E coating glass has been developed to reduce the UV and IR rays passing through it without reducing the visible light quality. When heat or light energy is absorbed by the glass, it is either deflected by air movement or re-emitted by the glass surface.

Wide Application Areas

Retractable glass roof systems offer the perfect solution in many outdoor environments such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, terraces, gardens and poolsides. Suitable for commercial and individual use. It adds elegance and functionality to spaces.

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