PanoLinea Cleanable

PanoLinea Cleanable advanced version of standard guillotine systems and offers panoramic space solutions. These motorized and remote-controlled systems stand out with their modern design. In the system consisting of three panes of glass, the bottom glass is in a fixed position, while the upper panes open downwards.
Especially when used on high floors, Cleanable Systems offer a significant advantage. Thanks to the ability to open the lower glass, glass cleaning can be easily carried out from the inside. This feature provides users with the convenience of cleaning the windows of their spaces without having problems with cleaning.

Wipeable PanoLinea Cleanable Systems provide high heat insulation and energy efficiency with its double glazing structure. It provides maximum natural light flow to interiors with a wide viewing angle. Thanks to openable windows, air circulation can be controlled and interiors can be connected to the external environment. These features provide a spacious atmosphere and comfort to the users.
Made of quality materials, PanoLinea Cleanable Systems are designed for durability and long-lasting use. It draws attention with its durable glass panels that provide safety and energy efficiency. While the motorized mechanisms operate silently and smoothly, they offer a comfortable experience to users.
PanoLinea Cleanable Systems, which can be used in various places from offices to restaurants, hotels to showcases, offer an aesthetic solution and provide practicality with ease of cleaning. With its modern design and user-friendly approach, it complements your spaces and adds visual appeal.

Technical Specifications

  • Material : Aluminum – Glass
  • Glass : 4+16+4 MM. Tempered
  • Profile Color : Natural Anodized – RAL Color
  • Acc. Color: Black
  • Max. System Width : 4000 MM.
  • Max. System Height : 3500 MM.
  • Downward Motorized Opening
  • Openable and Cleanable with Pivot System
  • Approximate weight: 30-34 KG/M²

Why Should We Prefer?

Minimalist and Open View

It offers a modern approach with erasable guillotine systems known as panoramic space solutions.

Modern Design and Ease of Use

Designed as motorized and remote-controlled, these systems attract attention with their aesthetic designs.

High Quality Materials and Durability

The system is made of high quality aluminum profile and glass. This feature ensures durability as it is designed for long-lasting use.

Simple Operation and Remote Control

PanoLinea Cleanable Systems can be opened and closed by pressing a single button with remote control or motorized control. Thanks to the ability to open the lower glass, glass cleaning can be easily achieved from the inside. This provides a practical and comfortable user experience.

Adaptability to Various Weather Conditions

The double glazing provides high thermal insulation and increases energy efficiency. This provides protection against different weather conditions.

Wide Application Areas

PanoLinea Cleanable Systems offer a perfect solution in many outdoor environments such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, terraces, gardens and pool sides. Suitable for both commercial and individual use, it adds elegance and functionality to spaces.

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