Folding Systems

Folding Systems: Folding systems typically gather to one side, allowing for the entire space to be opened. While double-glazed models provide high insulation, single-glazed ones do not have a mullion in the middle, resulting in a single-pane appearance. They are ideal for balconies and areas where complete opening is desired. They can be installed above parapets or from ground level. Their operation of opening and closing is a bit more cumbersome compared to other systems since panels open individually.

Sliding Glass Systems: Sliding glass systems consist of panels that slide over each other to open and close. In single-glazed models, there are 5 rails, while in double-glazed ones, there are 4 rails. All panels are stacked onto a single glass, leaving the remaining space open. These systems are easy to open and close. They are commonly preferred for areas with entrances and exits, offering options of low or high threshold heights.

Guillotine Glass Systems: Guillotine glass systems are used in areas without entrances or exits and consist of a fixed panel at the bottom and a movable panel at the top. They operate motorized and remotely controlled, automatically opening and closing. When opened, they leave a 3-to-2 opening at the top of the system.

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