ClearLinea Duo

ClearLinea Duo systems are special door solutions that attract attention with their modern and stylish designs. Heat glazed door systems help you create a transparent and aesthetic atmosphere while offering a minimalist look.
These systems have a slim and elegant design. Large glass panels combine exteriors with interiors, increasing the flow of natural light and creating a spacious environment. These systems add a modern touch to spaces, emphasizing minimalism while offering ease of use and practicality. Thanks to their slim profile structure and sliding mechanisms, they operate silently and smoothly, providing you with a wide passage area and allowing you to create a pleasant living space by connecting indoor spaces with outdoor spaces. They also offer advantages such as sound and dust insulation, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Sliding Glass Door systems are offered in desired sizes and specifications. It adapts to your spaces with its color options and offers an aesthetic suitable for your architectural style. While adding value to your spaces with its modern, minimalist and functional designs, it allows you to bring natural beauty to your interiors. Manufactured with quality materials, these systems offer long-lasting use and reliability.

Technical Specifications

  • Material : Aluminum – Glass
  • Glass: 4+14+4 MM. Tempered
  • Profile Color: Natural Anodized – RAL Color
  • Acc. Color: Black, Gray
  • Max. Panel width : 1100 MM.
  • Max. Panel height : 3000 MM.
  • Insulating Glass Sliding Systems Approx
  • Weight 28-32 KG/M²

Why Should We Prefer?

Aesthetic Appearance

Insulating Glass Sliding Systems offer a minimal and stylish appearance. The integrity of the glass provides a modern and aesthetic design.

Maximum Viewing Area

The use of insulating glass offers maximum viewing area. The unobstructed glass surface creates an open and spacious atmosphere.

Natural Light

Insulating Glass Sliding Systems allow the space to receive natural light. This brightens the interior and saves energy.

Modern Design

Insulating Glass is an option suitable for modern architecture and design. Its simple and transparent structure is preferred in contemporary spaces.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

The flat surface of a single piece of glass facilitates cleaning and maintenance. Dust and dirt accumulation is minimal.

Durability and Safety

High quality glass material increases durability. Also, durable glass can be used by prioritizing safety.

Various Usage Areas

Insulating Glass Sliding Systems can be used in many different types of spaces such as hotels, shops, offices and modern residences.

Sound and Temperature Insulation

Quality glass material can reduce outside sounds and temperature changes and increase indoor comfort.

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